1. Alive Rough Mix 5:10
  2. Diamonds Rough Mix 3:34
  3. Michelle John - I Can't Make You Love Me - The Voice UK 2017 -Live - Knockouts 2:04
  4. Michelle John performs 'Get Here'_ The Semi FinalsThe Voice UK 2017 2:38
  5. Michelle John performs 'Purple Rain'_ The FinalThe Voice UK 2017 2:46
  6. Michelle John - I'm Every Woman - The Voice UK 2017 - Quarter Final Performance 2:14
  7. Michelle John & will.i.am perform 'Feel For You'_ The FinalThe Voice UK 2017 2:35
  8. Michelle John Drop - Angie Greaves 1:03
  9. Michelle John performs 'It's a Man's Man's World' Blind Auditions 2The Voice UK 2017 2:03
  10. Sinner's Prayer Live - 606 Club 7:40
  11. Michelle John - Born in Peckham - Live 3:16
  12. Michelle John - Do You - Live at Soul Unique 6:57
  13. Michelle John - Feeling Good - Live - Little Me - 606 Club - London 5:28
  14. Michelle John - If You Knew Me - Live - Little Me EP - 606 Club (1) 5:40
  15. Michelle John and The Vince Dunn Orchestra 3:23


Reach Out and Touch

If you have ghosts, you have everything
If you have ghosts, you have everything
You can say anything you want
And you can do anything you want to do
If you have ghosts, you have everything

One never does that
One never does that
You can call it surprise, there it is
And a part of it is me
One never does that

In the night I am real
In the night I am real
The moon to the left is a part of my thoughts
And a part of me is me
Forever is the wind
In the night I am real


An electrifying mix of covers and original songs, ‘Diva Songbook – Through the Storm’ is the new album from former The Voice UK finalist Michelle John. With her powerhouse vocals on full display, Michelle John takes us on an emotional journey, from power ballads to upbeat and elegant vocal performances as she hits the heights of Aretha and Mariah.

“‘Diva Songbook – Through the Storm’ is a collection of songs to lift your spirit and give you the strength to face the challenges ahead. I know first hand how the power of music can give strength in adversity especially during the worst of times.”

As a survivor of domestic abuse, Michelle John has used her musical gift to uplift herself and those around her. ‘Diva Songbook – Through the Storm’ was made possible through the support of her fans who funded the project with a Go Fund Me campaign which is a testament to the effect Michelle John has on those around her.


A former The Voice UK finalist, Michelle John has had a glistening career as a backing singer for some of the worlds biggest artists including Eric Clapton, Annie Lennox, George Michael and Mariah Carey. In 2019 she released her debut single ‘Priceless’ which brought her solo work to critical acclaim. She has performed on stages across the world and has performed for Barack Obama in the White House and for Queen Elizabeth II.

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Diva Songbook – Through the Storm

Title : Diva Songbook
Release Date : November 6, 2020
Format : CD