“ It’s almost as if once they pressed the red light to record every worry , concern , fear for the future of my career , the future of the Music Industry spilled out onto these songs “ Michelle had a 20 year career as a backing singer for
artists including Eric Clapton, Annie Lennox, Mariah Carey, George Micheal and Will Young. Michelle was a Finalist on a The Voice UK 2017 .
In 2019 Michelle released her first single “Priceless” .

More than ever many rely on music to lift them up and transport them to a place of positivity and joy in this uncertain and challenging time .

Diva Songbook – Through the Storm is a collection of songs to lift your spirit and give you the strength to face the challenges ahead. I know first hand how the power of music can give strength in adversity especially
during the worst of times . So I sing these songs for myself , for others , to give back and to give strength .

As a survivor of Domestic Abuse I have used my singing to tell my story and heal my own wounds . I hope this collection of songs some covers and some
of my original compositions will heal the wounds of many .

I could pretend that I have a team helping me on this campaign and doing tasks like press releases for me , but I don’t have a team , There’s no record label or
management , this album was made possible by the fans / followers that donated to a ‘ Go Fund Me ‘ campaign that I set up to do this album , because of
their investment and belief in me and their desire for this album to come to fruition may I present to you ….
” Diva Songbook – Through the Storm “.

Pre-Release 2nd November

‘Diva Songbook – Through the Storm’ Signed Copy


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