Michelle worked with an array of artists in the Music Industry, whether it’s one to one vocal coaching, rehearsing with the artist in preparation for a performance or a tour, developing new artists or vocal production during the recording process. Michelle has also hosted and taught at various vocal workshops and Masterclasses, including community based projects, professional choirs and Music students. She has participated in vocal programmes in Denmark, Sweden, Poland, U.S.A as well as in the U.K.


Michelle has worked extensively for many years as Vocal Coach. In 2000 she studied at the ” Urdang Music Academy ” were she was awarded her certification in Vocal Coaching and Speech Therapy. Michelle has worked for many years as a Backing Vocalist for artists including George Micheal, Mariah Carey, Annie Lennox, Paolo Nutini, Will Young, Eric Clapton & Carole King.

Teaching Vocal Coaching


Damage – (2001) Working with Band on a one to one basis preparing them for a U.K Tour,Working with each member individually and also as a group teaching them harmonies and new arrangements of their songs, also working with the boys on there vocal performance and stage presentation.  

Popstar – The Rivals (2002) Michelle worked on this show as one of a team of vocal coaches, responsibility included working with the contestants on there chosen song and preparing for there live performance, also working on stage presentation and vocal performance. She worked on the show for the entire run (12 weeks).
Girls Aloud (2002-2003) Michelle worked with the Girls after they won ” Popstar – The Rivals ” and continued to work with Girls Aloud in a number of T.V appearances and live performances, working with the group on harmonies and vocal performances and also on good vocal maintenance.
Liberty X (2002) Michelle worked on various live performances and T.V performances during that year. Focusing on vocal performance and the group sound, and dynamics.
Atomic Kitten (2003) Preparing the group for a couple of T.V live performances. Focusing on a strong vocal sound and harmonies. Also working with the band on their vocal performance.

Teaching Vocal Coaching

MIS-TEEQ (2003- 2004) Working with the band in preparation for a few of their U.K Tours. This included one to one session with each singer and also working with the backing vocals making sure all the vocal elements of the show were strong and correct. Also focusing on helping the band with their vocal performances.
Rita Ora (2012 – 2014) Michelle worked with Rita on various Tours, Festivals, T.V appearances including X-Factor and one to one coaching. Also at times vocal coaching over Skype whilst Rita was working in L.A / New York and Tokyo.
Blue – (2005) Michelle worked with the band a few times, always before a performance to do vocal warm ups and breathing exercises, scales, pitching exercises etc in preparation for the live performance.
Era Istrefi (2016) Michelle worked with Era, preparing her for a live performance, this involved one to one vocal coaching, and supporting the artist during rehearsal in preparation for a live performance.