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Michelle John has had an overwhelming couple of weeks – mentor time, rehearsals, TV, Press and Radio interviews and most importantly some amazing messages via social media and other avenues of support and well-wishes.

Unfortunately only 4 days before the Live Shows, Michelle was hit by a vicious stomach bug which caused her to be sent from rehearsals to the Doctors. This illness also affected her voice to the point it was virtually gone and Michelle was feeling incredibly run down as a result. Over the last few days, Michelle has been slowly recuperating and has been having to rest her Voice as much as she can.

Many have been worried and even Michelle’s Mum has delivered her special recipe West Indian soup to help Michelle get back to herself but……..Will she be?

Tune in to the Team Will live show tonight at 8:30pm on ITV and also available on STV to find out!

Will Michelle be able to do enough to impress the Nation and secure their vote? Only you can decide that so please VOTE!

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